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The Advantages of LED Profile Moving Head Light

With the attention of LED light sources, the stage lighting industry has gradually emerged the trend of replacing traditional light sources with LED light sources. Especially in the field of cutting lights, more and more LED light source cutting lights have appeared. .

In the past year, the recognition of our 350w led profile moving head light in the stage lighting industry has become higher and higher, and the market share has become larger. Why can the led profile moving head light launched by Shining LED Lighting achieve good market sales? There are two reasons. First, the product quality is excellent, and it is used in the recording of some large-scale live performances. Second, the downward pressure on the economy has increased, and some engineering bosses have little pockets. Some government and enterprise engineering projects need to control the budget, which also increases the opportunities for our products to participate in projects.

In addition, LED cutting lights have their irreplaceable advantages. On the one hand, the light source of the LED cutting light is a conductor solid-state light-emitting device, which has a long working life, and a service life of tens of thousands of hours is commonplace. Using LED to replace the traditional light source, there is almost no concern about replacing the light source during the service period, thus saving the cost of replacing the light source! Also, compared with the traditional cutting light, the LED cutting light source has low calorific value, and there is no danger of the light bulb being extinguished at any time, frying and other dangers.

At the same time, the LED profile light is easy to adjust and control. Because LED is a kind of light-emitting device, the light and the shut-off can be controlled by the change of the current, and it does not consume electricity when it is not on, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving! The traditional cutting lamp realizes closing and dimming through a mechanical shutter when dimming. The light source itself has not been adjusted or changed, and the light source has been in working state.

The dimming of the LED cutting light source is more linear, the dimming speed of the lamp is faster, and the LED light source can generally respond within tens of milliseconds. It is a high-speed device, which is beyond the reach of other light sources. With the advantages of the light source itself and the design of the optical system, the uniformity of the light spot of the LED cutting lamp is also better.

Furthermore, LED cutting lights can be customized according to the user's requirements in terms of light source color temperature, CRI and other technical parameters. The parameters of the traditional cutting light source are unified, and the lighting manufacturer cannot adjust the light source itself. However, due to the particularity of its light source manufacturing, the LED light source can be adjusted during the manufacturing process to meet more customized usage requirements. Therefore, LED cutting lights have brought better choices to our customers in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as in terms of safety and control. 

We believe that in the future, although the cutting light of the bulb light source has the advantage of high illumination, the sales volume will still be gradually narrowed, because the luminous flux of the LED white light source has surpassed that of the bulb light source of the same power, and the LED light source is continuing to improve, while the traditional bulb light source has no room for improvement, and its life is short and the cost of use is high. For multi-color LED light sources, the cost of the current light source is still relatively high. When the market is increasingly pursuing light quality, to meet the high standards of photography and videography, computerized cutting lights with multi-color light sources will become popular. Of course, the luminous flux of multi-color LED light source cutting lights will also gradually increase, narrowing the gap with other light sources.

Shining LED Lighting has set a goal, hoping to gradually increase the market share in the field of led profilel moving head light, and strive to become a label manufacturer of led profile moving head light, and continue to spend manpower and material resources for this. If you encounter the owner's requirement that the number of lamps cannot be reduced, but also control the budget reduction and other engineering projects, I believe that Shining LED Lighting products are your best choice.


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