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Lighting Design Solution for LED Studio Lighting Project

How to design studio room lighting? The studio or conference room lighting equipment solution generally refers to the overall lighting design of the conference room stage or the rostrum, or the lighting design solution used for video conferencing. Regardless of the environmental scene, the functional characteristics are basically the same. It is used for video transmission, high-definition shooting, sufficient lighting for the stage or the podium, etc. The basic configuration is surface light, top light, backlight, and sidelight.

The studio or broadcast room lighting equipment plan uses professional lighting equipment. Many studio rooms already have lights. Why do we need to add professional LED studio lights? The reason is that civilian lighting or some crystal lighting can not meet the requirements of professional lighting in terms of illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering index. Shining LED studio lights to have high brightness, and the overall illuminance reaches more than 800lux. The color temperature is 3200-6000K optional. Color rendering index Ra≥92, high color reproduction. No glare, no strobe, patented silent heat dissipation technology, giving the conference room a good meeting environment.

Below let's see a lighting project done by Shining team.
Project Name: 78㎡ Virtual Scene Studio Lighting Project of Rong Media Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing City.
Party A unit: Beijing Rong Media Center
Party B unit: Shining LED Lighting Limited
Construction time: May 10, 2020

Project Background: Rong Media Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing is 9.7 meters long, 8 meters wide, and 3.2 meters high. It is mainly used for recording and broadcasting programs such as news and interviews.

Customer demand.
1. The host's face and contour are clear, and there is no shadow on the lower jaw
2. The light is soft and has good color reproduction
3. The keying is clean and there are no virtual edges
4. Requires center illumination above 1500 Lux

According to the actual situation on the scene of the Rong Media Center in Chaoyang District, the lighting designer of Shining adopted the more typical lighting method in the current studio lighting layout, using 28 sets of 512 LED panel soft lights as surface light, side light and seven 200W LED Fresnel Spotlight are used as the studio's contour light, surface spotlight, and eye light The entire studio lighting design layout adopts the installation of the grape rack, which can play a decorative role on the top of the studio room, and the theatre lights can also be moved in a small range.

The LED panel light developed and manufactured by Shining adopts imported LEDs and soft plates. The color rendering index is stable, up to more than 95. The color reproduction is true, the face of the person photographed is clear, the outline is clear, and the character is more vivid and three-dimensional. The light is soft and not dazzling, creating a very comfortable working environment for the host. The 200W LED Fresnel Spotlight is an aspheric optical focusing system with a high-quality Fresnel lens, which has the advantages of high light efficiency, good color rendering, and low glare value. The use of LED spotlights can be used as a supplement to LED panel lights, highlighting the outlines and eyes of people, and making people's pictures more vivid and real.

Project Acceptance.
Shinin LED commissioned the illumination and angle of each lamp. After the commissioning is completed, let the TV station leaders conduct acceptance and turn on the lights at the scene. The light in the entire light area is even and soft, the figures are clear and the layers are clear. The leader was satisfied and the project acceptance was successful.

Shining has been focusing on the design and construction of studio lighting and conference room lighting for 12 years, mastering the lighting characteristics of studio lighting, and creating the best effects of lighting. We have always been committed to becoming a world-class stage lighting manufactures. Dedication for each stage lighting project. After more than ten years of development, a group of skilled and experienced professional technicians with independent R&D and production capabilities. have gathered together. Join us, let's grow together and shine the world together.

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