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230W Sharpy 7r Beam Moving Head Light

As a hot-selling stage lighting item, 230w sharpy 7r beam moving head light actually has many functions, not just limited to the light on a stage. So how many uses does the 230w sharpy 7r beam moving head light have? On which occasions are they used and how are they used? Here let's follow the beam moving head light manufacturers to take a look.

1. Used on the stage. As a stage effect light, the place where the 230w sharpy 7r beam moving head light can shine is the stage. It has a very rich stage color. Its color wheel has 14 colors of light and white light. These lights can be mixed with each other in different proportions to create ever-changing colors. Also, the 230w beam moving head light has a gobo wheel and a prism that can rotate in both directions. There are 17 gobos in the gobo wheel, and the projecting effect is very good. The prism can make the emitted light have uniform linear atomization and wash effect, and creating a very beautiful atmosphere. It is often used with other stage effect lights.

2. Used in the bar. The feasting bar is the world of adults, and it is also a place where 230W 7r beam moving head light can show off. Its rich colors and diverse gobos can only be displayed in bars, dance halls, banquet halls, and other occasions, and enjoy it on such occasions. It is a normal state that its colors and gobos appear passionately in daily life. The frost effect brought by the 230W beam moving head light adds to the atmosphere of the bar drunk and gold fans, which is very popular with the bar lighting installation contractor.

3. Used in public places: In addition to the stage and relatively private bar places, the 230W 7r beam moving head light can also be used in public places, such as the pedestrian street where young men and women like to go shopping. It is generally used for city pavement and wall decoration at night. Because the gobos of the 230w beam moving head lamp can be replaced and customized. There are also many flexible-thinking merchants who use this lamp to place merchant-specific logo films. The storefront with logo and lighting patterns in front of the store can immediately attract customers’ attention.


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