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What are the Advantages of 54x3w LED Par?

Before the lighting project starts, it is important to figure out the quotation for stage lighting equipment. However, stage lighting is not only an indicator of price but also the quality and design of stage lighting equipment are also very important. Only when the stage lighting equipment is excellent in all aspects can it be regarded as a good lamp. Taking 54x3w LED non-waterproof par light as an example, what are the advantages of this stage lighting? Where can it be used? Let's take a look together.

54x3w LED non-waterproof par lights are commonly used stage wash lights and are a kind of effect light. They are often used in combination with beam moving head lights to complete the stage effect. 54x3w LED indoor par light uses 54 high-brightness 3W LEDs, which are 12 red, 14 green, 14 blue, and 14 white. The LEDs are evenly arranged on the lamp surface for cross dyeing. There are four different colors of light, and the color mixing effect reaches 16.7 million. The wash light is uniform and transparent, high brightness, consistent color temperature, energy saving, environmental protection, no radiation, high light efficiency, low heat, and is very popular with customers.

Therefore, the application environment of 54x3w LED non-waterproof par light is very wide. There are about 3 types of applications, stage shows, wedding events, bars. It is generally used for rendering lighting. First of all, the stage show is a relatively spacious application. Generally, this LED par light is used with other effect lights and modeling lights to create a dynamic and cool stage. In use places such as wedding events and bars, you can use 54x3w LED non-waterproof par light alone or combine with other stage lighting depending on the situation.

In addition, the 54x3w LED waterproof par light is also excellent. It is a very wide range of outdoor applications. Many customers have requirements for waterproof lights when undertaking outdoor lighting projects and will seek quotations from manufacturers for stage lighting. The performance of LED waterproof par light is superior. You don't lose money or get fooled when you buy it. Only when you buy it, you know what it is worth. As a superior effect light, LED waterproof par light has good wash performance. The beam angle of 54x3w LED waterproof par light is 25°-or 45°. And the LEDs are a 4 in 1 structure of red, green, blue, and white. Because of this structure, the LED waterproof par light has bright colors and rich color mixing. There are as many as 16.7 million color effects. The wash light is uniform, transparent, and the visual effects and stage effects are very good.

54x3w LED waterproof par light adopts an LED light source, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is in line with contemporary lighting concepts. Low energy consumption, lighten the burden for every customer who is worried about high costs. The light color is transparent and bright. The color temperature can be adjusted linearly from 3200K to 10000K, which can show every detail change of color temperature. The light color is consistent, no radiation, high luminous efficiency, low heat generation. It is very worth starting. Finally, the LED waterproof par light also has good protection performance, with an IP value of up to 65, and its waterproof and dustproof performance is very good.

In order to make it have better protection performance, Shining LED, the stage lighting manufacturer, designed the shell to be aluminum alloy to better protect the precision internal instruments. Even the wind and rain in the open-air can't damage it. It is widely used in outdoor lighting, outdoor wash, and stage outdoor performances.


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