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How Much Money Can An Event Planning Company Make for One Event?

Nowadays, with the proliferation of the market, all kinds of enterprises, whether it is promotional activities or cultural activities, opening ceremony promotional activities, theme activities, exhibition activities, cultural activities have various forms of activities, but the essence of event planning is rich. The current event planning has become more and more homogeneous. As a marketing event planner, we must carry this banner and assume this responsibility.

Many people ask me, what are the skills of event planning? As I said, any industry has skills, including event planning, but the skills come from your experience. Learning is an experience, and experience planning is an experience. Of course, the best experience is to make an event planning case by yourself.

In order to expand their influence, many companies will do events to prepare for their own brands. Then some companies will ask, after an event, isn't the event planning company making more money? I feel that it may not. So how much money can an event planning make? Let me tell you about it. An event actually includes a lot of things, such as the layout, program, and design of the event. And there are some event companies that do not make money, such as design fees, staff appearance fees, etc., all of which are free. Moreover, the operation of an event company also includes rent, water, and electricity, wages. These are not included in the common share of an event.

So, if it’s just an event. It’s hardly profitable. Then, if you encounter big projects and big productions, you can make money. Generally, big event production companies make about 30% of the gross profit. Only then can the company survive.

Finally, how much money an event planning can make depends on the operation of the event company. Some companies are well-run, creatively made, and made of cheap materials, which may make the event less expensive. And the customer is satisfied.


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