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How to Plan the Annual Meeting Party Event?

The European annual meeting planning company stated that the company’s annual meeting planning party planning is a feast to highlight the corporate image. A creative company’s annual meeting planning party planning will often give employees more feelings than before. So what kind of preparations are needed to organize a good company annual meeting planning event?

Regarding this question, the subject should be clear. According to the theme to design and expand the corporate culture, at the same time achieve the purpose of connecting the tangible and the intangible. The European annual meeting planning company said that, as in normal work, employees are always instilled in the concept of striving for excellence, but there are really a few employees who can listen to and strive for excellence. Once outstanding employees stand on the stage and accept the honorary certificate and trophy from the chairman or general manager, the educational significance at this time will be deeper and stronger. Coupled with a few words of encouragement from the host, I believe that there is progress. Heart employees will be deeply impressed by their hearts. Therefore, since the annual meeting event planning, the evening planning also has the meaning of motivating employees and summing up the past.

As an excellent event planner of the annual meeting party, we must grasp some of the most influential corporate cultural characteristics and corporate deficiencies, and integrate it into the annual meeting planning party, so that more employees can really pay attention to these questions. If the cultural theme of the company is caring, it is necessary to incorporate more caring topics and stories in the event planning, so as to attract the attention and resonance of employees.

The European annual meeting planning company said that this is the same as writing prose to achieve an effect of dispersing the spirit. If you start from this kind of thinking angle, the annual meeting event planning will definitely make sufficient preparations. From the current situation, there are many aspects of preparations for planning an annual meeting, like theme determination, annual meeting planning process, work distribution, annual meeting planning time advancement and confirmation, invitations and invitation letter confirmation, banquet contact and planning, program design and planning, logistics support planning, emergency measures to deal with problems, etc.

In the event planning process of the company's annual meeting party, there are many problems that need attention. How to deal with those problems? Every time you plan an event and prepare for the annual meeting, the event planner must consider every problem from beginning to end, and repeatedly consider the details, whether it is the event process or details, consider and arrange carefully, and the response plan is whatever It must be done. Therefore, where is a will, there is a way.

The company's annual meeting planning party is a grand annual event that requires all staff to participate. According to news reports, some employees of the company feel that the planning of the annual meeting party is very troublesome, and the annual meeting planning party planning performance festival is a headache. So they participate in the annual meeting planning party with a very passive mood. Some employees think this is an excellent opportunity to show themselves. Therefore, they spend a lot of time planning the party for the annual meeting and even learn a performance specifically. In response to these situations, will the event organizers make arrangements in advance? How do you do it?

This kind of situation is quite common, such as rehearsing a dance. Many employees have no foundation, hard arms and legs, and dancing is not easy, so after a long day of work, they still have to rehearse. Some employees are quite resistant. of. Experienced event planning companies suggest that there are several methods for each employee's low interest and low participation.
1. A certain degree of subsidy for front-line employees.
2. Increase rewards in performances, so that they have the power of temptation and honor of money.
3. There will be souvenirs to comfort those who have not received rewards, and will not dampen the self-esteem and enthusiasm of employees.
4. Let supervisors and highly motivated colleagues encourage.
5. Have some motivational conversations regularly to change their consciousness and ideas.

Now the staff structure of enterprises is very complicated. Post-60s, post-70s, post-80s, and even post-90s have poured into the workplace in large numbers, which can be described as "four generations under one roof". And each group has its own cultural philosophy and way of thinking. In this company-wide celebration event, how to balance the different needs of different people for the company's annual meeting planning party? In fact, the company’s annual meeting planning party event is similar to the Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala must meet the tastes of all people across the country, while the annual meeting planning party event is to meet the needs of people of different ages and levels, so the work must be carried out from the following aspects.

In the program arrangement, it is very important to grasp the central point of the corporate culture. Corporate culture is recognized by everyone. Therefore, the culture expressed through artistic means should be acceptable to people in the same company. The annual meeting planning party is planned every year, and creative event planning companies will write short scripts based on the cultural themes of the company that year, which can not only reflect the reality of the company but also make employees love it after watching it and applaud. 

Pay attention to the commonality of differences in program elements, that is, entertainment. As long as the show is full of fun, I believe it is not unloved. Trying to have employees of different age groups perform on the same stage, the effect is also very interesting. The most classic is the arrangement of sitcoms. As an event planning company with a rich experience, we will make the stage come alive. It is also very important to reflect both entertainment and competition, and once they compete with each other, the age boundary is broken.


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