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Arc-Lamp Moving Head Light

  • 19R 380W Beam Moving Head Light
19R 380W Beam Moving Head Light

19R 380W Beam Moving Head Light

• Power supply: AC100V-240V
• Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
• Total power: 530W
• Fuse: 7A
• Ballast: Electronic Ballast
• Light source: Osram bulb
• Lamp power: 380W
• Color temperature: 7800K
• Average life: 1500H (bulb and reflector complete package, longer luminous efficiency and longer service life)
• Number of motors: a total of 14 silent motors, XY three-phase motors
• Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.
• Fixed color: 14 color patches + white light (half color effect)
• Static pattern: 7 fixed images + 5 white lights of different sizes + white light
• Prism: 8+8+8 honeycomb prism, 16 prism (double prism can be stacked 40, can rotate independently in both directions)
• Color wheel: One six-color wheel (can do colorful effects)
• Beam angle: 3.8°-45
• Atomization: One independent atomization effect, the spot is soft and natural
• Control channel: 16ch