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LED Moving Head Light

  • 400w LED Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Liight CMY
400w LED Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Liight CMY

400w LED Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Liight CMY

  • Model: SL400
  • Product description:
• Input voltage: AC110V-240V/50-60HZ
• Light source: LED 400W
• Light source life: 20000 hours
• Lumen illuminance: 5 meters 120,000 lm
• Rated power: 430W
• Channel mode: 23 channels
• Horizontal scan: 540 degrees (16bit precision scan) electronic error correction
• Vertical scanning: 270 degrees (16bit precision scanning) electronic error correction
• Dimming system: 0-100% linear adjustment
• Focusing system: Linear adjustment from 4 meters to 50 meters
• Frost system: 1 independent frost effect, soft and natural light spot
• Zoom angle: 4-35 degrees
• High-speed strobe: 0-30 times/sec. Adjustable speed strobe effect. Strobe macro function
• Color: 8 colors + white light. Color half-color function
• Color mixing system: Linear CMY+CTO color mixing system
• Fixed patterns: 12 fixed patterns + white light
• Rotating pattern: 7 glass patterns, each glass pattern can be independently forward and reverse
• Prism system: Standard 6 facet prism and 8 facet prism, each prism can be independently forward and reverse
• Macro function
• Console reset function, self-propelled mode, master-slave mode
• Display mode: LCD display, key + touch dual operation mode
• Control signal
• International standard DMX512. With RDM function, online software upgrade is available, dial address code
• Cooling method
• Adopt axial fan to enhance cooling
• Safety device with electronic temperature control overheating protection, electronic temperature control automatic power-off protection when the overheating system fails
• High temperature resistant plastic
• Product net weight: 22.5KG
• Product size: 38*27*65CM (L*W*H)