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LED Moving Head Light

  • 700W BSWF LED Moving Head Light 4 IN 1
700W BSWF LED Moving Head Light 4 IN 1

700W BSWF LED Moving Head Light 4 IN 1

• Fits a powerful 700W LED engine and its front lens is 180mm diameter
• Color Temperature: 7,000K
• Linear CMY color mixing
• Excellent color macro effect
• Variable CTO: 2700K-7000K
• 36 channel mode
• Static gobo wheel: 1 static gobo wheel with 8 gobos
• Rotating gobo wheel: 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos, convenient replacement
• Color wheel: 1 color wheel with 6 colors
• Animation wheel: 1 animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effect, the effect disk can rotate and be replaced
• Prisms: 1pc 3-facet prism can rotate in either direction
• Beam Angle: 5°-55°
• Frost: The frost filters to create and improve the wash effect. They can be used independently and overlayed
• Motorized linear Iris
• 8 x fast and smooth framing shutters; The position and the angle of each shutter blade can be controlled individually; Each shutter blade can block out light completely; The framing module can rotate at ±60 degrees
• Flicker free management
• Dust-proof and oil-proof design
• Packing size: 90.5x56x45.5CM
• N. W:35KG
• G. W :39KG