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2022 Stage Lighting Maintenance in Club

1. Regularly clean the sanitation of the stage lights, remove dust or mist oil, haze oil, and debris at least once 6 months. If the environment is more dusty or the frequency of using the fog machine is high, at least once 3 months.

2. Also regularly check the fan if working good when open the lighting housing. Maintain the heat dissipation performance of the stage lighting equipment in club, and maintain the lamp utilization rate. If you find that there is a lot of dust, haze oil or any confetti blow into the stage lights, you can open the shell to clean it to avoid damage to the moving head lights, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. For stage lighting fixtures with fans, pay attention to cleaning the air outlets and air inlets to keep them smooth. Clean it carefully at least once 3 months if it’s dirty.

3.  Remember to keep the distance between the powerful moving head lights and the flammable curtain. It is important to maintain a certain distance between the lighting fixtures and the curtain. Should not be less than 2m.

4.  Protection against electric shock and high voltage.

• The technicians responsible for the installation of stage lighting equipment must have the corresponding qualifications to operate. Before installation, please confirm that the power voltage you use must meet the voltage of the power source marked by the stage lighting systems and must have overload or leakage protection.

• Each lamp must be properly grounded and installed in accordance with the relevant standards. When installing and removing the light bulb or replacing the fuse, the equipment must be disconnected from the power supply. It is forbidden to use in thunderstorm weather or humid environment. If you want to use it, use stage lighting rain cover.

5. Stage lights require frequent maintenance.

• The most important optical components in the stage lighting fixtures need to use a vacuum cleaner or airbag to gently blow off the dust on the surface. Use odorless tissue paper or cotton cloth soaked with clean water to wipe off the particulate matter.

6. Be careful not to use it in places where there is a lot of sand and dust.

7. After the stage tour events are completed, stage lighting equipment should be installed in a special box or flight case to prevent moisture and shock, and for the fixed installation lighting equipment, we should pay attention to ash and haze oil.

8. Please refer to the following points during routine inspections:

• A detailed electrical check by an approved electrical engineer every three months, to make sure the circuit contacts are in good condition in order to prevent overheating.

• Be sure all screws and fasteners are securely tightened at all times. Loose screws may fall out during normal operation, resulting in damage or injury as larger parts could fall.

• Check for any deformations on the housing, color lenses, rigging hardware, and rigging points (ceiling, suspension, trussing). Deformations in the housing could allow for dust or liquids to enter into the fixture. Damaged rigging points or unsecured rigging could cause fixture to fall and seriously injure a person(s).

• Electric power supply cables must not show any damage, material fatigue, or sediments.Clean the dust in contact parts of lamps and heat-generating parts such as ballasts in time.

9. Should be installed correctly to ensure firmness and protection from moisture and corrosion.

10. To ensure optimal operation and performance for a long time. It is essential to periodically clean the parts subject to dust and grease deposits.

11. The frequency with which the following operations are to be carried out depends on various factors, such as the amount of the effects and the quality of the working environment (air humidity, presence of dust, salinity, etc.).

12. It is recommended that the projector undergoes an annual service by a qualified technician for special maintenance involving at least the following operations:

- General cleaning of internal parts.

- General visual check of the internal components, cabling, mechanical parts, etc.

- Electrical, photometric and functional checks; eventual repairs.

13. Cleaning the lenses. Only use neutral soap and water to clean the lenses, then dry it carefully with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. (WARNING: the use of alcohol or any other detergent could damage the lenses).


The following points should be observed after performing any maintenance procedure that requires disassembly of the unit.

• After the unit has been reassembled, open the valve, and allow the light to run for approximately 1 hours to dry out any moisture that has been trapped inside the fixture. The process should continue until indicated humidity drops below 15% for the head and 30% for the base.

• Once this has been achieved, the light can be switched off, but the unit should remain connected to power so that the cooling fan can cool down the unit. Please note that allowing cool down time should ALWAYS be done after lamp operation.

15. Fixture(s) should be installed in areas outside walking paths, seating areas, or away from areas were unauthorized personnel might reach the fixture by hand. Overhead fixture installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, such as an appropriately rated safety cable.


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