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Why the Price Gap of LED Par Lights is Big?

LED par lights are commonly used in stage lighting production. Everyone is familiar with it. It is an indispensable part of the stage lighting system. Everyone looks at the surface of the lights and think they are the same. The following takes 54 3W waterproof par lights as an example to tell you how those low-cost lights are made.

The structure of LED par lights mainly includes the following parts, LEDs, radiators, power supply, fan, mainboard, housing, lens, wire, etc. To keep the price low, it must start with materials and work hard on it.

The price of LED lamp beads is uneven in the market. Why do some led lamp beads sell so cheaply? The price of some led lamp beads is dozens of times different. In fact, there is something tricky. First of all, its materials are definitely the worst. For example, copper wires are used for bonding wires instead of gold wires, and brackets are made of recycled materials or scraps. Consumers can't judge these raw materials, and only after they are used, the problems are slowly exposed. The second is to increase power usage. Originally, the normal use power of the lamp beads may only be 1W, 0.75W, and the power is increased to 3W, which is beyond the scope of use. The initial brightness is very high, but it decays quickly, and it will be dark within a few months. Third, it is the virtual standard power. The standard is 3W lamp beads, the real standard is to replace 1W or 0.75W lamp beads, or even lower, this consumer generally did not test.

• Radiator
When the led works, it converts part of the electric energy into heat energy. Poor heat dissipation directly affects the service life of the led lamp beads. The LED par light radiator can be identified by the naked eye when consumers disassemble the lamp shell. Nowadays, many par lights on the market are equipped with very small and thin radiators, and even many stage lighting factories do not install radiators at all in order to compete for prices. As everyone knows, how can a high-power par light without a radiator ensure good heat dissipation? How can we ensure stable work when the lamp beads are on for a long time?

• Power Supply
Many low-priced power supplies on the market are false standards or use 108W low-cost power supplies that can't drive the rated power of 180W led par lights. In fact, consumers can easily identify the quality of the power supply. The transformer and power tube on a good brand power supply is relatively large, and the overall look is fuller and more textured. The component arrangement and production process are also relatively good, and the overall look is clean, tidy, and beautiful. Low-cost and non-guaranteed power supply design cut corners, anti-surge, rectification, filtering, and current stabilization can save energy, and it can be saved. Electronic components are also useful for recycling materials, and the safety and stability of actual use are completely ignored.

• Mainboard
There are two kinds of driver boards on the market, one is a constant voltage driver board and the other is constant current. The constant current motherboard has high stability, and the price is more than twice as expensive as the constant voltage. Most of the low-cost LED par lights use constant-voltage garbage main boards, which cannot be protected when the temperature of the lamp body rises, which greatly reduces the service life of the LED lamps. There is also a cost-saving, the mainboard and the display board are integrated.

• Housing Shell
Inexpensive LED par lights use some impurity aluminum die-casting parts or thin aluminum sheets or even plastic shells, which have low cost and poor heat dissipation conditions.

In summary, it is said that you get what you pay for. If you come across a stage lighting manufacturer’s lamps that are more than 40% cheaper than other normal lighting manufacturers, don’t be confused at this time. Buying cheap things is what everyone expects, but for things that are so much lower than the market price, you should more carefully confirm whether the various parameters described by the supplier are true, and you need to test it. Because the low price is not even the cost, how can there be a guarantee of quality?


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