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The Advantages of Beam Moving Head Light on the Stage are Becoming More and More Obvious

There are many types of stage lighting equipment. Why are beam moving head lights used more and more frequently in the stage lighting industry in recent years? Today, Shining LED tells you that with its low power and bright beam, the beam moving head light has conquered the hearts of all stage lighting users and caused an uproar in the stage lighting industry. It is a historic breakthrough!

Beam moving head lights, also known as sharpy in English. There are 300W beam moving head light, 700W beam moving head light, 200W beam moving head light, 230W beam moving head light, 260W beam moving head light, 330W beam moving head light, and other series. 300W beam lights and 700W beam lights are popular around the 2010 year and have a certain sense of beam. However, in the true sense, the beam moving head light that is loved and recognized by every lighting designer began to prevail from the 5R 200W beam moving head light and became popular in August 2012. Since then, it has continuously updated and developed a 7R 230W beam moving head light, 9R 260W beam moving head light, 15R 330W beam light, and 17R 350W beam moving head light, etc. But the mainstream is still 200W beam light and 230W beam light.

The beam moving head lamp is famous mainly for its unique light source. Its special small-caliber cup bubble design and accurate focal length positioning principle make it is light efficiency high. Its higher lumens also leads to higher heat generation, which also leads to the high frying rate of the early 200W beam lamp. Therefore, the heat dissipation of this beam moving head light is different from that of traditional moving head lights. Its wick is relatively thin and there is no outer isolation layer. So if the heat is dissipated like traditional lamps, the greater the heat dissipation, the better, which is not feasible. This will cause continuous ionization of the bulb ionization arc, affecting the bulb life. If the heat dissipation is not enough, the bulb will blow up. Therefore, this beam light requires a constant temperature system. 

At present, most stage lighting manufacturers have two heat dissipation solutions. One is traditional heat dissipation, which relies on a better fan to dissipate the light bulb and cooperate with a temperature control switch. Another relatively high-end is software temperature control and heat dissipation, that is, relying on software to control the temperature of the fan. If the fan slows down or malfunctions, the lamp protection will be extinguished automatically without frying. The latter of the two methods is better, even if the former does not froth, it will have a greater impact on the life of the bulb. 

Shining LED Lighting Limited technicians use both ways to control the temperature of moving head lights. The beam moving head light adopts a multi-dimensional internal heat dissipation structure design, which changes the heat dissipation concept of the traditional moving head lamp, and ensures that the working temperature of the parts in the lamp body is within the allowable working temperature range of the accessory, which improves the stability of the product! The fan is the main body of the heat dissipation work. And the technicians also took the lead in adding the monitoring of the fan speed in the circuit board program design. If the fan has a bad condition that causes the fan to stop or age and cause the speed to decrease, and the beam light cannot meet the cooling requirements of the lamp, the lamp will be automatically extinguished to ensure the safety of the lampworking environment. There will be no bulb explosion that is most likely to occur in general beam lights! 

In addition, Shining LED beam lights are equipped with high-quality lens sets and are equipped with electronic focusing functions to fine-tune the position of the optical lens. At a distance of 20M, taking the 5R beam light BEAM200 as an example, the highest brightness of the light spot can reach 82000LUX, which has been unprecedented, and the eight prism effect and prism rotation function are added, which can form a thinner beam and a more gorgeous stage effect. From the design structure to the selection of raw materials and the selection of accessory manufacturers, we adhere to the principle of high quality and reliability. For example, the plastic shell uses a new temperature-resistant flame-retardant ABS. The color chip selects the nano high-temperature color chip of Taiwan Baozhen Optics, etc. Ensure the quality and stability of the moving head light during use! Qualified professional moving head beam lights must be stable and reliable, excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, and good heat dissipation.

The beam light bulbs are mainly made by Philips, here are four categories, one is the original bulb, namely the Philips Platinum 5R bulb MSD or the more used Osram original 230W, the other is the Philips UHP bulb, and the other is the Taiwan YODN 5R, KAYN bulb. The original 5R platinum bubble is about $100 more expensive than UHP. In addition, the same UHP bulbs have different bubble pressures. Good stage lighting manufacturers will measure the bubble pressure and screen the bulbs again to ensure the stability and consistency of the bulbs. 

On the basis of the improved light source, the beam moving head light continues many channel functions of the earlier traditional moving head light. Usually domestic 200W beam light, 230W beam light, 260W beam light, 330W beam light, etc. are equipped with, color wheel (14 colors + white light), gobo wheel (17 patterns plus white light), strobe (0-12/20) Times per second), focusing, atomization, prism (mostly a single octagonal prism, some are triangular prism, pentaprism, gradient mirror), other functions are mostly XY axis rotation speed fine-tuning, etc.

The beam light is mostly used in explosive scenes, such as the close-up of the opening show and singing and dancing, with strobe to create a passionate visual impact. Shining 230W stage beam light is widely used in stage shows, bars, nightclubs, concerts, banquet halls, and other places. It has 17 fixed patterns, 14 colors. It is the first choice for stage lighting projects.


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