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Stage Design Solutions

Stage Design Principles
The design of stage lighting system is configured in accordance with the rules of stage art performance and special use requirements. Its purpose is to design and configure the stage lighting equipment required for the reproduction process of various performing arts according to the system engineering, so that the stage lighting system can accurately and successfully serve the event productions.
1. Create a complete stage lighting free space to meet all stage lighting requirements.
2. In order to make the stage system continue to operate, increase reserves and expansion space appropriately.
3. The system's anti-interference ability and safety as important design indicators.
4. New high-efficiency energy-saving cold light lamps are introduced into the stage system design.
5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of stage system design.

Process Requirements
1. The process design and stage equipment configuration of the system have the function of using a comprehensive theater, which can rotate the lighting operation schemes of a variety of different theaters in a short time.
2. The stage system design can be quickly converted from one lighting scheme to another, and the conversion time is completed within 2 hours.
3. The stage system allows the use of all types of lamps and other supplementary equipment.
4. The stage system is designed with sufficient security and storage capacity. The entire system performs continuous diagnostic checks on the main lighting console without interrupting the main power supply.
5. The equipment in the system fully meets the technical requirements of stage background noise. In the empty field, the noise of all lighting equipment when turned on and the interference of external environmental noise are not higher than NR25, and the noise of the 1M effect equipment at the test point is not more than 30dB.
6. The expansion capacity of the system is intentionally reserved at the beginning of the system design, such as power silicon control capacity and network capacity. When funds are abundant or new technologies appear in the future, the system will not be modified or updated on a large scale due to insufficient design, so as to save money and quickly adapt to changes.


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