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The Core Three Steps to Troubleshoot Stage Lighting Fixtures

In recent work, more and more project teams are receiving completed event venues, and then the operation department began to test stage lighting equipment. Although the content of this article is too proactive for those colleagues at the current stage, it may actually happen at any time. What's more, my readers may face this every day. So what are the three core steps in my mind to troubleshoot dmx moving head lights?

First, check stage lighting fixtures and hardware.

Generally speaking, when the dmx lighting fixtures are connected to the light console for the first time, some problems may be found, such as light library problems, accessory problems, address code problems, etc., which are easy to find, and there are some potential problems. Such as colors, pan or tilt movement, gobos, etc., you may not see their faults until you go deep into the programming stage. So when you get some new lamps, whether you are familiar with them or not, please take a few minutes to restore the factory settings and let them start the self-check again. If there are abnormal noises, freezes, and other problems during the self-inspection process, you can eliminate the problematic stage lighting fixtures as soon as possible.

When there is a lamp malfunction, please do not arbitrarily say that it must be broken. Remove the lamp housing, cut off the power, and check if it is stuck by an external force. For example, the movement of some lamps is out of sync, which is probably caused by the cable entanglement or the like, such as the ribbon jam. Observe the appearance carefully, then open the lighting housing to check the internal motor part. Check the connected DMX cable, network cable, and lamp body interface, and use the elimination method to confirm whether there is any hardware problem one by one. There are also some lamps that can set the speed and delay of the movement. These can be found and set through the lamp instructions, which is also a part that cannot be ignored.

Second, check the programming.

Starting from the address code, patching, and aspects, check your console settings and procedures one by one because in addition to the performance of the lamps, most of the problems are caused by errors in the lighting console. The common method is to single out the lamp and program it, regroup it, and check the parameters of its own macro command. After going through these steps, you should be able to find the problem. If it is a programming problem, congratulations, at least you don’t need to change the lights, but you should be more careful when modifying the program.

Third, contact the stage lighting manufacturer.

Regardless of whether it is a dmx lighting console problem or a lighting problem, as long as you are sure that your conclusion is correct, then please call the after-sales service instead of trying it yourself. Besides, how many problems are further aggravated by your own mistakes? Most stage lighting manufacturers are more professional in after-sales service than you, and understand more problems than you, except for a few unscrupulous dealers. You know that time is precious. You can solve problems that can be solved by phone and video in 5 minutes. There is no need to study for two days by yourself.

Even the space shuttle will fail, let alone a lamp. I hope you treat it well when you use it well, and don’t panic when something goes wrong.


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