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Theater Stage Lighting System

The theater is an indoor performance venue with large-scale events as the main form of performance. It can meet the needs of more than 100 actors performing on the same stage, and can also meet the needs of holding concerts, evening parties, dramas, dance shows, movies, etc. The stage lighting requirements need to be able to adapt to the application and management of domestic and foreign lighting design and lighting operators. The design focus should consider the full reservation of the lighting system, flexible and mobile, freely switching, safe and reliable, and provide various forms of stage performance lighting configurations.

The use of functional requirements of the theater stage lighting system meets the needs of various comprehensive performance activities, ensuring the lighting of large and medium-sized events and the requirements of live TV broadcasting and recording. Shining LED Lighting carries out the design of the stage lighting program according to this functional positioning. Therefore, the program design strives to reflect performance-oriented and people-oriented design ideas. When designing a stage lighting project, we fully consider the cooperation of lighting, stage machinery, and other related professions, and technology to ensure that the theater becomes a first-class performance venue in China and can undertake large-scale repertoires and large-scale performances by first-class theater troupes at home and abroad.

The system surface light adopts the most advanced products in the industry and is suitable for all kinds of entertainment and conferences. Bright and comfortable light contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. It reduces the burden on the eyes during leisure. The interactive combination of main and auxiliary lighting creates an atmosphere. It can be used with imaging lights, LED par lights, three-color soft lights, moving head beam lights, effect fog machines, digital silicon boxes, straight-through boxes, dimming consoles, signal amplifiers, and other equipment commonly used as "top light".

System advantages: High luminous efficiency and no infrared radiation. Long service life, easy to maintain up to tens of thousands of hours. The light-changing and color-changing control are convenient, with their own voltage-changing and dimming circuit, which can adjust various colors and brightness. The light body is small, is easy to install and transport, which is conducive to mobile performances or tour shows. Strong compatibility, 220V voltage transformation to 110V, 3 DMX512 circuit control dimming, and color adjustment.


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