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What Makes 200w LED Beam Spot Moving Head Light So Popular?

Since the mass production of Shining 200w LED beam spot moving head light, it has been loved and favored by many new and old customers. The sales of 200w LED moving head light products are so hot that they have completely exceeded expectations. It is a beam moving head light that usually needs more power than 200W. It can produce an incredible parallel beam, similar to a laser beam effect. The 200w beam light uses a highly professional optical component lens, which radically changes the optical problems such as beam and spot, without any halo. The sales volume of this product can be summarized as follows.

1. Stability
A good product is of course good quality. No matter how good a product is, it will only be short-lived if the stability is not good. When the Shining 200w LED beam spot moving head light was used in the recording of two variety shows of "Yellow River" and "Song of the Motherland" on One Satellite TV, it was used continuously for eight hours a day without any malfunction. It was highly praised by many lighting experts and designers. They lamented that the Shining LED Lighting Limited could also make such a powerful and stable beam moving head light. Stable products come from Shining's use of high-quality accessories.

2. Cost-effective performance
Shining has always been positioned as a cost-effective, providing users with the best quality products. Focus on the R&D, production, and sales of led moving head lights and LED par lights, led bar lights, etc., and purchase raw materials in large quantities to make the purchase cost lower. Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the stage lighting industry market, profits have long been worse than before. The majority of event planners and lighting designers need a cost-effective product, and the price of shining 200w led beam spot moving head light is just acceptable to users.

3. Good light effect
A successful moving head light, derived from a successful optical design. The optics of Shining 200w LED beam spot moving head light has passed countless experiments, optimizations, and re-validations. The final plan has a light efficiency that is more than 20% better than similar foreign products.

4. Comprehensive functions
The 200w LED beam spot moving head light is an all-rounder. It does not need to comment on its beam effect. Choose Shining 200w LED beam spot moving head light, mainly because the pure beam can no longer meet the requirements of leasing. It is not a professional wash lamp, nor a professional gobo lamp. But it is definitely the most professional beam light and gobo light in the wash. It is also the most professional wash lamp and beam lamp in the gobo lamp. In addition, wash, gobo, and beam functions are sufficient. It is the best investment solution for rental users and stage performances. 200w LED beam spot moving head light has been widely used in various medium and large stage events. 

Because of its lightweight and small size, the 200w led beam moving head light has an overall weight of only 12.5 kilograms. It can be installed in any performing arts place and can flexibly reflect the advantages of the effect on the live stage lights. If you are looking for stage lighting products or ready to purchase stage lights, welcome to contact us. Shining allows you to buy with confidence and use it with confidence! Enjoy a different caring service.


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